Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Traumatic brain injuries are usually the result of an accident or some type of severe trauma to the brain. When an outside force hits the head hard enough a traumatic brain injury can occur. However, it’s important to know that some brain injuries aren’t caused by a force hitting the head but can in fact be the result of the brain moving within the skull, much like what happens when one suffers whiplash. Traumatic brain injuries can also be caused by the skull breaking and injuring the brain on contact.


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Traumatic brain injuries most commonly affect younger people. These injuries are severe and can cause life-long disabilities be they physical, social, behavioral, or mental. Physical disabilities could include blindness, deafness, and even speech impediments.

Traumatic brain injuries can have lifelong effects on victims. It is usually difficult to tell what long-term effects the injury will have on the victim due to initial brain swelling. Once the swelling goes away, sometimes many of the effects of the brain injury go away as well, so until the swelling is gone long-term brain injury effects are not easy to diagnose. However, any long-term effects after a brain injury can be physical, cognitive, psychological, and can affect the victim’s speech and language.

Common long-term traumatic brain injury effects include:

Physical Cognitive Language/Speech Psychological
Changes in weight Difficulty concentrating Difficulty forming sentences Depression
Changes in hair, skin, and nails Difficulty organizing thoughts Difficulty using the correct words Acting without thinking
Body Temperature changes Easy confusion Difficulty interpreting others Mood swings
Recurring Sinus Infections Learning disabilities Difficulty reading, writing, and problem solving
Headaches Social impairments Slurred speech
Loss of Hearing/eyesight Inappropriate behavior Difficulty saying words consistently
Sleep difficulties Difficulty with making decisions
Frequent colds

Patients who suffer from a traumatic brain injury will need continuous support and care from those close to them as well as doctors and specialists, especially if they suffer any of the above long-term effects. Doctors and specialists will help traumatic brain injury victims and their families not only cope with the extreme life change after the injury, but also help to rebuild any loss of function be it physical, cognitive, speech/language, or psychological.


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