What Our Clients Say

Nine years ago I was in a nasty car accident and didn’t know where to turn, with a lot of luck I ended up calling Mike to represent me. It was the best thing I ever did. He never treated me like a client, I made a friend. The friendship extended to the entire office. He did exactly what he said he would. Then 3 years ago my husband got hurt at work and we never thought twice on who to call. By this time Mike had taken on other partners in the firm. Keith, who handled the workers comp case and Lee who took care of the SSI. I don’t know what others are talking about it taking so much time or so much hastle~~~both ended up settling much sooner than we ever expected. The entire firm works together, from the attorneys to the entire staff. I really think that is part of what makes this law firm the best ever.

– Debbie N.

Best man around and he’s not afraid to take anyone or problem on and he is Wonderful with children he was great with my daughter.

– Anthony

Thank you for everything you have done to help our boys. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

-Frank and Joan

Your entire firm, especially Attorney Bradley Moyer and Attorney Douglas Yazinski, have done an admirable job with my case and I am indebted to you for your work, kindness and your patience with me. Thank you all so much.

– Rose

This was a long process however I know some take a lot longer so thank you for that! I’m thrilled to get my life back. Thank you all for encouraging me when I needed it and your patience with my phone calls! Bravo for the great job you have done.

– Doreen

The Pisanchyn Law Firm is in touch with local affairs and contacted us to say, “I heard about your situation. I AM YOUR attorney.” With aggressive, honorable, and knowledgeable representation, they have also met our pain with consolation… I will never forget the day my attorney called. Trust is the new game in the legal community, the Pisanchyn Law Firm wrote the book on accountability and Justice….CALL THEM.

– Rosita

I rate the Pisanchyn law firm five stars if I had a way to rate them 100 stars I would they were so kind so helpful and so caring in a very scary time of my life. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Mr. Pisanchyn and his staff. No matter what I needed they were there morning, noon, or night Mr.Pisanchyn was even kind enough to give me his own personal cell phone number in case I ever needed him day or night. This is the second time I’ve used his law firm and I will use him 100 more Times. I fully recommend his law firm to anyone and everyone in need of a good defense lawyer. I’ve already recommended him at least a dozen times and everyone I told to use his law firm has been more than satisfied. Some of them even called me and said thank you for recommending him. Thank you so much mike for everything you did for me and my family.

– Jessica

John and I want to thank you for all you have done for us. We know all of you put a lot of time and work in on our case and for that we are very thankful. You have the nicest friendliest people working there. Mara has been so nice to us. We especially want to thank Doug. We spent many hours talking with him and found him to be very personable.

– Mike

I love this law firm, they helped me get my social security when no one else could, thank you!

– Marilyn

They helped me tremendously when I was going through Worker’s Compensation and a Settlement. There was no way I could have gone through it myself. Everyone was patient and professional with me and believe, I’m sure that was not easy. Everything was completely settled almost 13 months ago and I’m back on my feet and working once again. I absolutely recommend Pisanchyn Law Firm to anyone that needs help with a work injury or anything work related.

– Bob

People like you make it easy to be thankful. Thanks again!

– Mark

Thank you, you are awesome – (putting up with me is not easy!) – Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness.

– Lisa

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. You are greatly appreciated. If I ever need a lawyer or know someone else who does I will pass along your name. Thanks again!

– Kathryn

Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help us through this difficult time. It’s been very much appreciated.

It is heartwarming to know that there are still good and honest people around. Thank you very much!

I cannot thank Doug enough for all of his help with my case.

– Kenneth

I would just like to thank everyone that helped settle my Workers’ Comp case, you were all so helpful. It meant a lot to me and helped me get my life back on track.

I can’t tell you how happy I am of the results from your office. I got wonderful, professional and extremely fast service for the situations I had. I will be using your office again if need be and telling everyone I know how hard it is to get results without your help.

– Luann

I would like to say thank you so very much for helping me. I know [Douglas Yazinski] went out of his way to take on my case and I am so grateful for the help I received.

– Caitlyn

Thank you very much for volunteering your time to help me out with my case.

My experience with every member of the Pisanchyn Law Firm was excellent, especially Christy. Thank you for your hard work and advice and keeping me calm during a difficult and confusing time in my life. There is no way I could have done this without all of your help and professionalism.

Michael Pisanchyn and his staff are incredible. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

– Luann

Words cannot express how thankful we are to each and every one of your for all of your help getting our case settled! From your toughness against the other side, to the shoulders to cry on, you all have made a bad situation one that had an ending that helped make life a lot easier. We know we couldn’t have picked a better law firm and we made some amazing friends along the way. Thank you all for what you do and how you support your clients.

Your thoughtfulness means so much to me. Thank you.

This is a thank you letter in reference to the help I received from your law firm to acquire and secure my disability claim. The associate from your firm was professional, proficient, kind, human, helpful and articulate. I cannot say enough kind words about her and your firm. After several tries by other law firms, your associate produced the necessary legal skills to complete the challenge. This letter is written with my sincerest gratitude and humble awareness, thank you.

It’s because of the generosity of people like [Michael Pisanchyn] and companies like the Pisanchyn Law Firm that we are able to service so many members of our community. Thank you for your support and contribution.

The time, energy, and professional expertise [Bradley Moyer] devoted to my case made a huge difference.

On behalf of our family, we wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to the Pisanchyn Law Firm for your generosity and kindness.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me in regards to my case. I am very much pleased. Thank you for your time and patience in regards to this matter, it is greatly appreciated.

– Eric

I got my check today! I’m a happy girl! Thank you for everything. You guys are awesome.

– Cassie

From the second I contacted Mike Pisanchyn he put my mind at ease. I have no complaints and HIGHLY recommend Mike and his team.

– Danielle

The Pisanchyn Law Firm was great through a very difficult time in our family. Although we miss our family member and no one could help with that— the pisanchyn law firm got us the answers to what happened to him and also justice when we went to court. The attorneys and staff were knowledgeable responsive and always did what they said. We truly believe there is NOT a better Law Firm and attorney. No one will fight for you like they do and when you go to court they are great.

– Sharon

Pisanchyn Law Firm has been my attorney team for over 8 years, they have helped manage both personal injury issues as well as Social Security issues. I have found their integrity to be unwavering and the amount of protection and forethought they offer a client is second to known. Their team have always been ready to assist me with any endeavor whether it be a quick response or just showing me that my case was important. When it came time for settlement, they were able to exceed my expectations with how much money they got me. I can honestly say I could not recommend a better firm for all our legal matters.

– Adam

I highly recommend this law firm! The lawyers are very committed to doing what is best for their clients. I couldn’t be more pleased with this law firm.

– Kim

I could NOT be any happier with Mr. Pisanchyn or his wonderfully caring staff! They really had my best interests at heart, treated a very difficult time with compassion and I was made to feel as if I was their highest priority at all times. I also never thought I would get the amount of money that i was awarded, which has made a huge difference to me.

– Laurie

My experience with Mike Pisanchyn and the Pisanchyn Law Firm was outstanding. Initially, we had a telephone consultation, as I was only contemplating retaining him as our attorney on an insurance claim issue. Mike was kind and courteous and spent as much time on our call as I needed. He more than answered/clarified all of my questions and concerns. He did not speak to me with legalese but spoke to me in a manner that I was able to comprehend, clearly and concisely. After speaking with Mike I felt empowered because now I had the know-how to approach my situation in a much more informed, consumer-conscience manner. I have since retained Mike’s services and cannot tell you what an invaluable ally he has been. Thank you, Mike, for EVERYTHING ! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend your firm to my family and friends!!!!!

– John

I say win with pisanchyn. Don’t let your blood pressure spike just call Mike.

– JD

This firm is amazing! Guided me through everything and got me what I deserved!


Your firm represented me with respect and dignity.

– Sandi

Steve is the best!!

– Amber

This firm is amazing! Guided me through everything and got me what I deserved!


I say win with pisanchyn. Don’t let your blood pressure spike just call Mike.

– JD

I can personally vouch for the Pisanchyn Law Firm as one of the most compassionate and intelligent law firms you’ll have the opportunity to have represent you!

Very good results from very professional actions. He truly cares about his clients.

– Sally

Always the penultimate professional. And always with class and humility! Well done!

– Bernard

Attorney Brady, Attorney Pisanchyn, I received your letter today and I felt I needed to respond to it. There’s no one else I would recommend to family and friends but you and The Pisanchyn Law Firm. Attorney Brady and Jamie are very loyal, sweet, loving, understanding, compassionate, you fight for your clients 100%. You and Jamie return calls and emails ASAP and that showed me you were 100% dedicated. Attorney Brady you had my back 100%. You are the best and I can’t thank you enough! We won my case! Thank you!

– Laura

Attorney Pisanchyn, I am writing to let you know I hired Attorney Mike Brady to represent me for a work injury case. Attorney Brady, along with his paralegals April and Jamie were very kind, caring, patient and top of that they returned phone calls, emails ASAP. They all were fabulous! I will always recommend your law firm to anyone and everyone I know who needs an attorney. Attorney Steven Serra filled in for Attorney Brady and he was wonderful as well. I used Attorney Yazinski for my daughter’s cause he was wonderful, too. Thank you!

– Laura

Bradley and staff, thank you for all of your hard work.

– Barry

My journey started with this law firm in 2007 with my disability case. My lawyer got to know me so well that he came in without papers in front of him and got me my disability that another law firm didn’t . Then I was injured in a car accident. Something told me in my gut I should go to them. They were professional and compassionate. I was calling daily at times and they assured me that I was ok to call as many times as I needed. They eased my nerves as they got me my settlement. My story I thought would have ended there but here we go again fell and broke my knee! Through covid and all still got me a settlement. Hopefully my story ends there but if not then I know I am going to them! 13 years with the same attorney is an amazing feat. I recommend them to anyone.