Spinal Cord Injury Effects

Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injury effects are usually lifelong. After stabilizing the injury and the victim, care becomes focused on preventing complications that could happen as a result of prolonged bed rest and keeping the victim comfortable.

Some spinal cord injuries take away the victim’s ability to move on their own for the rest of their life, especially with complete spinal cord injuries, so while in the hospital, and for the rest of their lives, a great deal of care must be kept to prevent long-term effects such as:

Common long-term effects for any spinal cord injury victim, whether the injury is complete or incomplete are:

These effects could be temporary or life-long depending on the victim and the type of spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury victims usually need to rely on others for assistance with even basic everyday tasks. Those close to spinal cord injury victims also experience physical, emotional and mental wear as their lives have also been altered to care for their loved one.

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