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Quadriplegia is a severe spinal cord injury that leaves victims completely paralyzed from the neck down. Quadriplegia is usually permanent. It is caused by injuring or damaging one of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck. If another's negligence such as accidents, work injuries, premise and product liability, or medical malpractice, caused your quadriplegia, you should consult with our Pennsylvania quadriplegia lawyers as soon as possible after your injury. We help quadriplegia victims get the compensation they deserve after such a traumatic experience.

Victims of quadriplegia have a loss of feeling in the legs and arms, as well as the upper and lower extremities of his or her body. Intense stinging and pain caused by the nerve damage, bladder and bowel complications, and muscle spasms are also side effects of quadriplegia.

There are over 6,500 cases of quadriplegia each year. Car, truck, bus, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents, work injuries, failure to diagnose infections, brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries in a timely manner, and dangerous properties and products can all be the cause of this type of spinal cord injury. Due to our experience with catastrophic injuries, our quadriplegia lawyers know that negligent acts are more often than not the cause of quadriplegia.

Constant care and medical treatment is needed for victims of quadriplegia because it changes not only the victim’s life, but also those close to the victim. The life span of spinal cord injury victims is also significantly shorter than that of healthy individuals.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a spinal cord injury, or quadriplegia, please, contact our Pennsylvania quadriplegia lawyers by calling 1-800-444-5309 or email us now for a free consultation. The attorneys at The Pisanchyn Law Firm want to help you and your loved ones after the tragedy you have experienced. We, along with our team of medical and legal experts, will fight to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.

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