Common Causes of Internal Organ Damage

Causes of Internal Organ Damage
The most common cause of internal organ damage is a car accident. This is the most common cause of blunt abdominal injury. During a car accident a person may be forcibly pushed into other parts of the car including the seatbelt, dash, windshield, front seats, and the steering wheel. The impact or excessive force of being slammed into other parts of the car can cause multiple injuries to the internal organs. Our internal organ damage lawyers are experienced in accident litigation and will fight the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve after suffering this life-changing injury. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Assault is another common cause of internal organ damage. Assault can cause two types of abdominal injuries, blunt abdominal injuries and penetrating abdominal injuries. Blunt trauma or abdominal injury is caused by impact or excessive force applied to the abdomen. Penetrating abdominal injury means the abdomen is penetrated by some object or force, like a knife, injuring the organs that lie within.

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